Mahesh Manchanda

Hair transplant was a big decision for me. The rapid pace of hair loss was even more worrying. After several months of evaluation, I found the right solution with Fiza.The results of previous treatments have won my trust and today, when I look back, I feel that I've made the right decision. Trichologists at Fiza are skilled. This, along with the art of hair transplant, is their secret. Expected results achieved, value for money.

Swati Ghosh

Hair loss is a difficult phase to counter in life and I had my share of it too, but I'm happy that I got over it. This was possible because of the latest FUE technology. The process was painless and left no scars. Better still, I got to see what I was expecting. The results were fairly good and left no confusion in my mind about my looks. I thank the staff at Fiza, who gave me a complete understanding of the process and the results that I was expecting.

Ravi Mahajan

Baldness was a sinking feeling with each day passing by, till the time I discovered Fiza. Happy to have fought hair loss. I owe a Big Thank You to Fiza, for getting me the right fit of a system - that looks so real. The staff was very skilful with the measurements. With proper guidance, they helped me to manage my new found hair. The derma hold base is perfect and stays put for weeks together. Imagine people asking you what oil have you used to regrow your hair.

Anoop Sharma

With balding, I not only lost my hair but my confidence too! Fiza gave me my lost glory back.


Baldness is nothing but a shame these days . People just stare at you and then pass on comments which is not only humiliating but also demotivating. Specially loosing hair at this young age was unacceptable by the society. But thanks to my family member who introduced me to Fiza, and the staff helped me with Hair systems of which I wasn't aware. Yes a system which gives you,your old look back without using any oil, tonic and shampoo. The derma base which is of skin color and pours in nature is so comfortable that you can feel your scalp. With Fiza Hair System I have got my lost confidence back and now I look younger than my Age.

Ravi Dubey

Thanks for taking the time to go over all the details during my appointment. This was by far the most comprehensive consultation that I have had among the four doctors that I have seen over the past two weeks. After visited to Fiza, I feel very comfortable moving forward with FUE hair transplant procedure.

Vikas Gupta

Terrific visit - very knowledgeable doctor - clear and comprehensive explaining of options and procedures - beautiful woman at front desk made me feel welcome and added to the overall warmth and professionalism of the entire staff.

RK Luthra

The experience was like going to a family members home.. very sweet & caring office staff.

Shiva Khanna

I just really wanted to thank to Fiza. I finally felt that I was in a comfortable environment with a doctor that actually cares for his patients, something that is tough to come by these days. I hope to stabilize this process as much as I can, and will continue to do suggested treatment by Fiza.

Sumit Nayyar

My experience was nothing less than perfect. The entire staff is wonderful and very friendly. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. They're very keen on being 'connected' to the client and making you feel comfortable while providing a professional demeanor.I would and am going to refer my friends and family.

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