Meso Therapy

Mesoderm is a layer of the skin in human beings. It comprises mainly of fat cells. This layer sits exactly under the surface of the skin.

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive method that involves the administration of microinjections right under the epidermis. The way of therapy stimulates the mesoderm that helps to improve a range of medical conditions. The solution which is injected into the mesoderm as a combination contains many ingredients. The combination differs from person to person. However, it contains vitamins, minerals, amino and nucleic acids as well as co-enzymes.

Mesotherapy was designed to handle and decreases excess body weight. However, today it is used widely to treat hair loss. It is found to delay pattern baldness and stimulate the regrowth of hair.

Procedure of Mesotherapy

The areas need to be differentiated on the scalp before any other step of Mesotherapy. Then the combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids are injected into the mesoderm. They work like a bullet. A microinjection delivers the medicine to the demarcated areas of the scalp. This results in the formation of elastin and collagen as well. This leads to the scope for growth of new hair. Mesotherapy helps to improve blood circulation, neutralize the effects of DHT, stimulate the collagen, increase the size of the hair follicles that decreases the loss of hair and ultimately promotes the growth of new hair.

There are two major ingredients in Mesotherapy - Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Biochanin A. acetyle tetrapeptide helps to decreases the inflammation that allows the growth of new hair. Biochanin A aids in the modulation of the conversion of testosterone. AT 3 also promotes the remodeling of tissues that affect the way in which the hair follicles grow.

The procedure of Mesotherapy takes only 15 to 30 minutes based on the area which requires to be covered. In maximum cases, at least ten sessions are needed and they have to be spaced out.

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