Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal gives the ultimate treatment options for unwanted hair. In this lasers target melanin that is present in the hair follicle, thus destroying and disabling it from further growth. Laser hair removal helps in avoiding routine shaving, irritation and waxing. The skin feels more smoother, softer and silkier.

Laser hair removal is the procedure which uses lasers or an intense pulse light as technology to remove unwanted hair on the face & body. During laser hair removal a beam of laser or intense light is passed through skin to each hair follicle reaching to its base from where the future hair grows. This leads to permanent prevention of hair growth.

Thus Laser hair removal not only effectively slows hair growth but also leads to permanent hair reduction. This does not completely remove hair permanently. Hair reduction that occurs near about 80% is permanent. Multiple laser hair removal sittings are required to do that. It depends upon thickness & blackness of the hair and the color of the skin.

Results of Laser Hair Removal

Results of laser hair removal may vary from person to person, and might depend on which area of the body or face is treated. For this multiple sittings may be required (8-10usually) which are usually done six weeks apart. With every sitting there is not only the hair growth gets reduced but also hair become fine. Additional periodic maintenance treatments - perhaps once every six to 12 months may be required.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers have definite benefit so far as removing unwanted hair on the face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas is concerned. Benefits of laser hair removal are:

  • Precision
  • Speed
  • Predictability
  • Safe
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